New album, Ahoy! Side A, just out. Plus all original albums available on Vinyl! :D Also, follow me on Spotify:


"Why don't you have, you know, a cool sounding artist name, dude?"

"Because I trust anyone with the presence of mind and heart to discover and enjoy my music to be smart enough to remember my name."

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Ahoy! Side A

Svavar Knutur

Ahoy! Side A is the first part of a whole work called Ahoy.
It contains five new songs and four older works, "repainted" by Svavar Knútur. A story about pain, fear, beautiful relationships with nature and the struggle of the human condition.
This is Svavar Knútur's most band oriented album so far, exploring a more lush sound world than before.
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Awesome friggin' tour so far! 

 Hey you guys!
I'm writing you from Zürich, Switzerland, to tell you the tour is going so crazy awesome!!!
Just had a totally intimate concert at the Cave Germinal here in Zürich and I'm just about to go to sleep...
Only a week remains of this 4 week long tour, that's seen awesome shows in UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. One upcoming show in Denmark too.
But the last couple of shows have been so fucking amazing! 
Stuttgart - Café Galao! Reiner! You are an awesome man! And thank you so much for everything! 
Hauenstein, -  Café am Eck. Beautiful and intimate gig! Everyone was so supportive. Man!
Let's not even start with the Steinbruch in Duisburg and the Orlando in Bochum. Oh my lord! Thank you so much Stefi and Babsi for those amazing nights!

But now! To München, Leipzig (hopefully better this time ;) ), Berlin and Hamburg!
Tomorrow, at the Trachtenvogl in München, I'm going to give it all I got! Leipzig will get even more (Help me Mayonnaise!!!)

Looking forward to seeing you guys there! 
This will be my first time in München, and if it's half as good as Stuttgart, oh my god!!! :D

Oh yes... I found a picture of the meaning of my name... If anyone's interested...

How about that... A Swabian Knot... The meaning of my name...

Tour going great! New album coming out in November! 

Hey you guys!
Just wanted to let you know, the tour's going amazing! Full houses everywhere! Amazing Audiences and I'm almost out of Kvöldvakas to sell. And talking about albums! I've got a new one coming out in November, It's called Amma - songs for my grandmother, and it's all Icelandic tratitional songs recorded in a live concert at my friends house. A bit of a curiosum for you guys there if you enjoy that kind of stuff... It's going to go up on my Bandcamp page for streaming soon. Looking forward to giving you a sample!
It's a pretty special album and I dedicated it to my grandmothers, Svava, Vilborg and Þórhildur. (Yes, I have three grandmothers, do you want to make it an issue? ;-) )
My daughter Dagbjört made the cover art again, beautiful! 

Now, tonight, a concert in Bochum and tomorrow, Duisburg. This tour is going amazing!!! :D
The venue for Berlin is Johann Rose on the 10th and it looks like we have a gig in Kaiserslauten and also in Zürich!!! :D Wooo hooo! Switzerland!
With love,
Svavar Knútur

London - Paris - Cologne! 

 So, after some beautiful gigs in Bristol, Nottingham, Blackburn and Paris, my travels now bring me to Germany, where I'll be playing for the next two weeks.
starting tonight at the Lichtung in Köln (Cologne).
So many cool things have been happening.
Oh shit! Funny Story for you guys!
I played the most awesome scout camping joyness in Blackburn Lancashire on sunday... Had to leave really early for the coach from Nottingham to Manchester to catch a train to Blackburn. So I slept on the train.
But when I had finished singing for those beautiful kids, I suddenly couldn't find my passport and wallet. They were gone from my pocket!
I didn't panic, but I became very concerned... Called every lost and found and closed my credit cards, called the Icelandic embassy to apply for an emergency passport and stuff. Got a bit pissed at my self for letting someone steal my shit.
But I held my shit together and didn't go all self pity and stuff... And the next day, that is today, I woke up at 6 to get to the Icelandic Embassy early, as I needed to catch a train to Paris at 10.30 and you don't do that without a passport.
And as my friend Erla and I are standing in the train on our way into London, I hold the bar above my head with my left hand. And Erla starts looking at my arm in wonder... poking at what seems to be a rectangular shape on my jacket sleeve.
Yes... It was my passport and my wallet... They had just migrated from my pocket into the sleeve of my jacket.
A jaw dropping 5 seconds and hilarious 10 minutes laughing fit later, we crawled out of the train and had a coffee laughing... :D I blame this one on the leprechaun that lives in my jacket.

The best thing is that I have my very borderline legal passport back. It contains a picture that is very dubious and has prompted many a customs officer's weird gaze.
Here you go:

Can you count the illegalities of that photo?

I can't wait to see you guys on the road and to release all the new stuff that is coming out!
Life is so fucking wonderful!
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

Thank you Airwaves - Hello Europe!!! 

 Hey you guys! 
Just finished playing at Iceland Airwaves, did a wonderful show in Risið, inbetween local legends Pascal Pinon and Of monsters and men.
Now for a 4 week tour of Europe.
Started last night in Bristol playing at the Thunderbolt alongside my friends The Cedar and The Epstein. 
Today, I played in an old church turned pub in Nottingham courtesy of my friend Rob Maddison of Spaceships are cool and Yunioshi.
And upcoming is the following!
UK Friday 22. 10. Bristol - The Thunderbolt
Sat: Saturday 23.10.10 Notthingham - 'the pitcher & piano'
UK Sunday 24.10.10 Blackburn Lancashire - Scout tournament
Tue France 26.10 Paris - Le Beguin
Wed France 27.10 Paris - La Bellevilloise
Thu, 28.10.10 GER-Köln, Kulturcafé Lichtung
Fri, 29.10.10 BEL-Gent, Living Room Concert, tba
Sat, 30.10.10 GER- T.B.A.
Sun, 31.10.10 GER-T.B.A.
Mon, 01.11.10 GER-Münster, Teilchen & Beschleuniger
Tue, 02.11.10 GER-Bochum, Orlando
Wed, 03.11.10 GER-Duisburg, Steinbruch
Thu, 04.11.10 GER-Unna, Spatz & Wal,
Fri, 05.11.10 GER-Frankfurt,tba
Sat, 06.11.10 GER-Stuttgart, Café Galao
Sun, 07.11.10 GER-Offday
Mon, 08.11.10 GER-München, Trachtenvogl
Tue, 09.11.10 GER-Leipzig, Paris Syndrom,
Wed, 10.11.10 GER-Berlin, TBA
Thu, 11.11.10 GER-Hamburg, Pony Bar
Friday 12.11.10 DEN - My brother Jon's living room chilling...
Saturday 13.11.10 DEN- Aarhus - Loves book café.

See you there!!!

And oh yes! Check this beautiful video out!

Thanks so much for being my friends... And please spread the word... 

With great love,
Svavar Knútur

Melodica over, playing Airwaves and new demo up...  

 Alright you guys :D
Just wanted to tell you my life is going really well! 
Working on a release in the U.S. and distribution options for Germany. All coming along gently.
Will be playing the Iceland Airwaves festival this year, that's nice.
Finally cleaned up my apartment so I can record some demos and do some writing. Might be cathartic for me.
Looking forward to seeing you guys. Hope you spread the love...

Oh, yes! Almost forgot! New song, Ölduslóð! Made a demo in the night. It's attached as a podcast... Pretty cool huh... ;)
Here are the words (you might know them from the last blog, but I have made some small changes.)

Ölduslóð, báruljóð,
bundin í orðum,
norðurglóð, götu hljóð,
gengum við forðum.

Myndirnar, Svarthvítar
og allt sem í þeim býr.
Alls staðar og allt sem var
er minningin um þig svo skýr.

Myrkur sjór, mjúkur snjór,
mættumst í leyni.
Stjörnukór, kuldaskór,
sátum á steini.

Loforðin týndust eitt og eitt,
en draumarnir lifa enn þó allt sé breytt.

Ölduslóð, báruljóð,
bundin í orðum.
Norðurglóð, geislaflóð,
gengum við forðum.

English Translation:

Path of the waves, poems of the sea,
bound in words,
Northern glow, silently the road,
once we did walk.

The pictures, all black and white,
and all that lives in them.
All around, and all that was,
is your memory so clear.

Dark sea, soft snow,
secretly meeting.
Choir of stars, snow shoes,
we sat on a stone.

Our promises got lost
one by one,
but the dreams live on
though all has changed.

Path of the waves, poems of the sea,
bound in words,
Northern glow, a flood of rays,
once we did walk.

Svavar Knútur

A crazy month has passed!!! 

 Wow you guys... It's just been crazy! Playing festivals and concerts all over Iceland, driving my tiny Opel Corsa around like a sex starved bumblebee...
Just got this amazing video from a picnic I played in Toronto last June :D
Going home to Reykjavík now to plan the upcoming Melodica Festival and play some more gigs there :D
Wow... Life is so beautiful and it just keeps getting better.

Yes... The sea is really cold in Iceland... 
Thankfully there was a hot spring just by the shore... :D

I love my country... It's just so rugged and raw sometimes... :D thank you rock piling people...
Upcoming tour of UK, France and Germany next october/november... :D woohoo! :D
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

Taking a whopping 3 days off + new song! 

 Hey my lovelies!
After a beautiful time in Djupavik, I played one of the coolest concerts in my life in an old barracks in Hólmavík in the Western fjords. Joined my a traditional Icelandic Men's choir, whose conductor, Steingrímur had actually arranged a couple of my songs. That was awesome!

Ooooh! Ooooh!
Wrote a new song in Djúpavík, one which I love. It's called Ölduslóð (yes, three Icelandic letters.) The path of the wave.

Here are the words in Icelandic and a rough translation in English follows...


Ölduslóð, Geislaflóð,
Gengum við forðum
Norðurglóð, Báruljóð
Bundin í orðum

Myndirnar, Svarthvítar
og allt sem í þeim býr
Allt sem var og alls staðar
er minningin um þig svo skýr.
Bundin í orðum.

Stjörnukór, mildur sjór
mættumst í leyni
Kuldaskór, tindrar snjór
sátum á steini

Loforðin týndust eitt og eitt
en draumarnir lifa enn þó allt sé breytt
Ölduslóð, Göngum hljóð,
Gengin úr skorðum
Kulnuð glóð, Báruljóð
Bundin í orðum.

English Translation:
Path of waves, flood of rays
Once we walked.
Northern glow, poetry of the sea,
bound in words.

The pictures, black and white
and everything they keep
All that was, and everywhere
the memory of you is so clear.
Bound in words.

Choir of stars, mild sea,
we met in secret.
Warm shoes, tinkling snow,
sat on a rock.

Our promises fade, one by one.
But our dreams live on, although everything else has changed.

Path of the waves, we walk in silence.
everything disjointed.
the faded glow, poetry of the waves,
bound in words.

Chilling in Djúpavík  

 Ahh... Just chilling in Djúpavík...
Finally had a couple of days doing almost nothing except playing my ukulele and my guitar, working on a web page, drinking coffee and feeling great.
My body decided it was time to crash and now I'm sick. :-D Funny shit...
But as I'm sitting here writing, who walks in but two of my guitar students. I love this country!
New years eve moon in Djupavik...Now I'm working on a couple of songs written to themes of some Troll, elf and witchcraft stories from Iceland. My storyteller friend and warlock Siggi Atla is going to tell the stories to some children next sunday and I'm going to sing them the songs. It's going to be so cool!!!
This is not now... This is last new years eve in Djupavik... Mmm...

This, however, is a picture taken at midnight in Djúpavík last june. Mmmm...
Midnight Svavar... Drinking beer...It's quite beautiful here now... The mist is covering the tips of the mountains, so it kind of feels like we're all covered by a cotton or woolen blanket... Mmmm... Beautiful. Now I'm just writing and having a good time, drinking good coffee...  

And here is my little friend... Freyja

She's such a darling little border collie, absolutely spoiled, but such a princess in every way. :D

Well... Hope to hear from you guys soon.
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

p.s. oh yes... The song you can hear is called Astarsaga ur fjöllunum and was recorded in one of the fish oil tanks at Djupavik.

NXNE went well!  

 Hey you guys,
just wanted to thank everyone in Toronto for an amazing NXNE.
Although both my festival slots, at the Cameron house and Rancho Relaxo were opening slots, and consequentially a little sparsely populated, I met some awesome people and made really good friends.
I also played 4 off venue gigs; three picnics and a house concert, that were just amazing.
A 17th of june celabration with my friends the Icelanders of Toronto was just the bomb, as well as picnics in Trinity Bellwood park and Rick Lindal's country home. Not to mention an amazing friday night concert at my new friend Sue's house. Thanks Kathy and Sue!

And just before I left for Toronto, I also had the most wonderful concert alongside some beautiful boys from Harvard, the Din and Tonics.

Wooo hooo! :D
I'm going to try to post some new stuff every now and then and make this fun and interesting...
Looking forward to keeping in touch with you guys!
Oh, and I put up a live version of my song Soundtracks. I played it at the ABC in Darwin... Hop
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur