Svavar Knútur participates in Global Music Match

Hey hey guys! 
I'm super happy to make this announcement today! 



Over the next couple of months my social platforms will be full to the brim, bringing you music from all over the world as part of Global Music Match. GMM is an initiative to encourage sharing, conversation and collaboration amongst artists during a time when travelling is difficult. 96 artists and bands from 14 countries will participate along with the hard working folk of export agencies around the world. Starting on the 31st of August I will start introducing these amazing artists: 


Lucy Ward (England)
Fanny Lumsden (Australia)
CGS Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (Italy) 
Adyn Townes (Canada) 
and Breabach (Scotland) 


We have an evolving collaborative playlist of the artists participating on spotify, but in the coming weeks, we'll all learn a lot more about each other. 

Check out the GMM website: 
And follow the hashtag: 

Now here's the thing. I know few people as generous, hospitable, loving and open as you, my audience. You've always welcomed people that I am introducing to you with so much love that it is a wonder to witness. I am only one man, but you are many. If you help me to spread the love, and help me bring these amazing artists in front of new people around the world, everyone will profit and be happier for it. I am looking to you to be my parners in making the Global Music Match a success so it will continue as the amazing project that it is. 

I can't wait to see you guys again soon! 

Svavar K

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