Germany tour starting tomorrow!

 Hey my darling friends! Here's the program for my upcoming tour of Germany!

Thu, 11. april Bochum - Luther´s
Fri, 12. april Solingen - Pfarrheim St. Katharina
Sat, 13. april Stuttgart - Café Galao
Mon, 15. april Tübingen - Vivat…

Happy New Year my dearies!

 My dearest, dearest friends and fans.
So much going on! I'll let you know about all the things as soon as I can.
But in the meantime I just wanted to say happy new year and thanks so…

Thanks for a wonderful tour plus Küchen sessions videos! :D

 Hey you guys! 
Just finished an amazing tour of Germany and Switzerland, closing with a wonderful concert in Copenhagen at Sossa's workshop.

Wanted to thank everyone that came and all my beautiful hosts and friends!
Also: Here's…

New album, Ölduslóð out soon! Plus, tiny preview. 

Hey my lovely friends!
Just a quick update, since I've not been writing a lot recently.
My new solo album, Ölduslóð (Way of the waves), is almost ready and will be out in early September, on Dimma records…

Victory, graditude and joy!

 Just came home from Berlin where I claimed the first place in an international singer/songwriter competition called Troubadour. 
The competition was fierce, fun and amazingly eclectic! The host, Mckinley Black is an amazing character, beautiful singer/songwriter and an altruistic…

Jolly happy tour! Plus new album track preview for you guys! 

Hey you guys! The tour is just going beautifully! 
Apart from a little cold, sniffling and throat hacking, the minstrel is doing famously... Sat on a train, hacking and sniffling, finally realizing that I was sitting beside a very…

Upcoming tour in Germany/Switzerland/Netherlands/Poland

Hey you guys!
Svavar Knútur here,
just wanted to keep you posted on my upcoming tour.

Tue, 17.04.12 – GER-Bochum, Luther's
Wed, 18.04.12 – GER-Aachen, Jakobshof
Thu, 19.04.12 – NL- Lange Jan - Middelburg

Starting recording for new album - Berlin in March

Hey my beautiful friends.
Just wanted to keep you updated. I'm sorry I haven't been writing a lot, but family life takes its time and energy!
I'm starting recording of my new album today in the Greenhouse studios,…

Been working like a bee!

 Wow you guys! 
I've been working like a crazy person these last couple of days.
Three songs in three sit downs is a new record for me.
One love song to my daughter. One ode to childbirth…