Happy new year and new cover on the cover pages!!!

 Hey you guys! 
Just wanted to say happy happy new year and thanks so much for all the beautiful moments in the last year! :D

Also! My new friend Kevin from Singapore just sent me his cover of…

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Ho ho ho! Merry christmas my dear friends,
Just wanted to thank everyone for the amazing time we've had in the past year with the touring, Melodica festival, new album and new baby!!! :D I'm so happy I could…

Help us fight Evil!

 Hey everyone! 
Svavar Knútur here,
I'm writing to encourage you to stand up against a great injustice in this world. 
As you know, the Russian government is attacking the Gay/lesbian community with one of the most disturbing…

Thanks for an amazing trip and new album coming out 

 Hey you guys,
Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing tour of Germany, Poland, Austria and Switzerland last september and october.
It was a wonderful experience and full of crazy gigs and funny happenings.

Now I'm…

Melodica Reykjavík and the Troubadour olympics

 Well well well...
I've been terribly busy of late. 
Organizing both the Melodica acoustic songwriters festival and the Troubadour Olympics, a related tour where two groups of five international singer/songwriters tour around Iceland doing beautiful music in the…

Vacation? Me? Never...

 Hey guys... Just wanted to give you a little heads up about the next three months.
Tomorrow... I'm playing Bræðslan festival, supporting Glen Hansard. Honored, Anxious, pissing my pants and giggling with infantile glee...
Then, off to Litchfield…

Covers and remixes section open!

Hey gang! :D 
Just wanted to let you know I've put up a new section on this page called Covers and remixes. (it's under music).
If you have ever covered or remixed one of my songs, just put…

Europe tour going well: New song demo! 

 Hey gang!
Svavar Knútur here.
Just a little update for you guys.
The tour has been going wonderfully and the reception has been better than ever!!! What a crowd!!!
Tomorrow, I have a gig at the…

The song I promised you guys! 

 To my wonderful Hamburg Audience!
I promised you a song to download!
Here it is... :D
Just download the podcast!
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

Tour starting wonderfully! New song!

Hey Guys, just wanted to let you know that the Köln Concert is sorted out! I'm playing at the Kalinka Kafé on the 12th of april!

And yeah!!!... I just wrote a new song...
It's called While the…