Europe tour going well: New song demo! 

 Hey gang!
Svavar Knútur here.
Just a little update for you guys.
The tour has been going wonderfully and the reception has been better than ever!!! What a crowd!!!
Tomorrow, I have a gig at the…

The song I promised you guys! 

 To my wonderful Hamburg Audience!
I promised you a song to download!
Here it is... :D
Just download the podcast!
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

Tour starting wonderfully! New song!

Hey Guys, just wanted to let you know that the Köln Concert is sorted out! I'm playing at the Kalinka Kafé on the 12th of april!

And yeah!!!... I just wrote a new song...
It's called While the…

Going on April tour in three days!

 Hey you guys! Just letting you know I've almost stepped aboard the plane to take me to the upcoming april tour!

But first: Here's a schedule and a picture of the design for my new T-Shirt, courtesy of Beste…

April European tour almost ready!

 Hey everyone,
Svavar Knútur here.
Just wanted to post the schedule for my upcoming tour of Europe!
Thu, 31.03.11 - Swe-Åkarp, Hvilan folkhögskola
Sat, 02.04.11 - GER-Hamburg, Melodica Festival
Sun, 03.04.11 - GER-Hamburg, Melodica…

Merry Christmas! New surprise Album out! Upcoming tour! 

 Hey there my lovely, lovely friends and people I don't know but I like anyway!
I just wanted to send you a wonderful christmas greeting from Iceland.
I hope you'll all have a wonderful holiday! We call it…

Awesome friggin' tour so far!

 Hey you guys!
I'm writing you from Zürich, Switzerland, to tell you the tour is going so crazy awesome!!!
Just had a totally intimate concert at the Cave Germinal here in Zürich and I'm just about to go…

Tour going great! New album coming out in November!

Hey you guys!
Just wanted to let you know, the tour's going amazing! Full houses everywhere! Amazing Audiences and I'm almost out of Kvöldvakas to sell. And talking about albums! I've got a new one coming out in November,…

London - Paris - Cologne!

 So, after some beautiful gigs in Bristol, Nottingham, Blackburn and Paris, my travels now bring me to Germany, where I'll be playing for the next two weeks.
starting tonight at the Lichtung in Köln (Cologne).
So many cool…

Thank you Airwaves - Hello Europe!!!

 Hey you guys! 
Just finished playing at Iceland Airwaves, did a wonderful show in Risið, inbetween local legends Pascal Pinon and Of monsters and men.
Now for a 4 week tour of Europe.
Started last night in…

Melodica over, playing Airwaves and new demo up... 

 Alright you guys :D
Just wanted to tell you my life is going really well! 
Working on a release in the U.S. and distribution options for Germany. All coming along gently.
Will be playing the Iceland Airwaves…

A crazy month has passed!!!

 Wow you guys... It's just been crazy! Playing festivals and concerts all over Iceland, driving my tiny Opel Corsa around like a sex starved bumblebee...
Just got this amazing video from a picnic I played in Toronto last June…