Awesome friggin' tour so far!

 Hey you guys!
I'm writing you from Zürich, Switzerland, to tell you the tour is going so crazy awesome!!!
Just had a totally intimate concert at the Cave Germinal here in Zürich and I'm just about to go to sleep...
Only a week remains of this 4 week long tour, that's seen awesome shows in UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. One upcoming show in Denmark too.
But the last couple of shows have been so fucking amazing! 
Stuttgart - Café Galao! Reiner! You are an awesome man! And thank you so much for everything! 
Hauenstein, -  Café am Eck. Beautiful and intimate gig! Everyone was so supportive. Man!
Let's not even start with the Steinbruch in Duisburg and the Orlando in Bochum. Oh my lord! Thank you so much Stefi and Babsi for those amazing nights!

But now! To München, Leipzig (hopefully better this time ;) ), Berlin and Hamburg!
Tomorrow, at the Trachtenvogl in München, I'm going to give it all I got! Leipzig will get even more (Help me Mayonnaise!!!)

Looking forward to seeing you guys there! 
This will be my first time in München, and if it's half as good as Stuttgart, oh my god!!! :D

Oh yes... I found a picture of the meaning of my name... If anyone's interested...

How about that... A Swabian Knot... The meaning of my name...

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