Chilling in Djúpavík 

 Ahh... Just chilling in Djúpavík...
Finally had a couple of days doing almost nothing except playing my ukulele and my guitar, working on a web page, drinking coffee and feeling great.
My body decided it was time to crash and now I'm sick. :-D Funny shit...
But as I'm sitting here writing, who walks in but two of my guitar students. I love this country!
New years eve moon in Djupavik...Now I'm working on a couple of songs written to themes of some Troll, elf and witchcraft stories from Iceland. My storyteller friend and warlock Siggi Atla is going to tell the stories to some children next sunday and I'm going to sing them the songs. It's going to be so cool!!!
This is not now... This is last new years eve in Djupavik... Mmm...

This, however, is a picture taken at midnight in Djúpavík last june. Mmmm...
Midnight Svavar... Drinking beer...It's quite beautiful here now... The mist is covering the tips of the mountains, so it kind of feels like we're all covered by a cotton or woolen blanket... Mmmm... Beautiful. Now I'm just writing and having a good time, drinking good coffee...  

And here is my little friend... Freyja

She's such a darling little border collie, absolutely spoiled, but such a princess in every way. :D

Well... Hope to hear from you guys soon.
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

p.s. oh yes... The song you can hear is called Astarsaga ur fjöllunum and was recorded in one of the fish oil tanks at Djupavik.

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