Europe tour going well: New song demo! 

 Hey gang!
Svavar Knútur here.
Just a little update for you guys.
The tour has been going wonderfully and the reception has been better than ever!!! What a crowd!!!
Tomorrow, I have a gig at the Katinka Café in Köln, and then on wednesday in Bochum at Luther's, a church hall of the "Geimende Stiepel."

After that I head on down to Pollinkhove and Gent in Belgium for house shows and then to Paris, where I will play saturday at "Le Beguin" and sunday at "Le Motel".

I also wanted to give you a new song...
It's a live recording from Q-Radio, a university radiostation in Münster. Thanks Catharina for recording and a lovely interview!!!
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

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