Happy New Year!!! 

Hello my friends and a happy new year to you all! 
I'm so looking forward to seeing you in the coming year, and I'm working hard on visiting as many countries as I can in 2020 and 2021. But right now, I have some sweet and wonderful news for you, and I'll put them under the heading! 

Tours of Europe and UK, new video and albums coming up! 

Yes! You read it clear! I have tours of Europe, UK and Scandinavia coming up, a new video (and more in the making), one EP in the works, a live acoustic album coming up and still working on Ahoy! Side B. 
So here's the tour information: 

Tour in the UK: February 24th to March 1st.  (Some dates T.B.A.)
Tour in Germany: March 13th to 28th. 
Tour in Switzerland: April 19th to 26th (Dates T.B.A.) 
Tour in Scandinavia April 28th to may 9th. (Some dates T.B.A.)

I'm working hard to update my concert schedule on this site with all the concerts, but it takes time and work <3 Please be patient. 

I did a nice video session with my friend Bob and also with  my string trio friends, in the decommissioned women's locker room of the old Sundhöllin swimming hall in Reykjavík. It was a wonderful time and fun was had by all! 
We shot four live videos and here's the first one :D It's my song Janúar, a song of love, grace and gratitude to the most thankless, unloved and disgraced of months. <3 Hope you like it. It's got english subtitles. 

I'm also working on a new EP that will come out in March, titled: Millibil // The Between, featuring very sweet acoustic versions of songs that normally have had a very indie rock feel. 
Also, I'm working on an album with only me and an acoustic guitar, playing even more stripped down versions of a lot of my songs, by popular demand :D 

That's enough for now my wonderful friends!

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  • Shoshana Lambert
    Shoshana Lambert
    I like the idea of some exercises to do at the end of each

    I like the idea of some exercises to do at the end of each

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