Happy new year and new cover on the cover pages!!!

 Hey you guys! 
Just wanted to say happy happy new year and thanks so much for all the beautiful moments in the last year! :D

Also! My new friend Kevin from Singapore just sent me his cover of Emotional Anorexic.

I'm so proud I could burst! :D

So! Thanks a lot Kevin! What a beautiful version of my song! Keep it up! I heard you do a mean version of Clementine as well!!! 
Check out some more of Kevin a.k.a. Ghost 's songs on youtube. 
Also, please send me your covers of my songs, I absolutely love to get mp3's and videos like this. (More on the covers and remixes music subpage).
You can of course download the original song on http://svavarknutur.bandcamp.com 

Happy new year my hearties!!! :D

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