Join Team Awesome for Climate Neutral Touring fun time jog

Hey hey Guys! Svavar Knútur here. 
I really want to do more when touring, than just being a guy that shows up for soundcheck, plays a show and goes to bed, rinse and repeat. 
There's three goals I really want to achieve while touring: 
1: Keep healthy 
2: Grow my relationship with my supporters, fans and friends. 
3: Reduce the environmental impact of my touring. 

With that in mind, I want to unite those three goals with a new project: Jogging for reforestation.  
In 14 cities on my upcoming “Second bell” tour, I will meet with willing friends and fans for a light 5-10 Km jog around a park or a neighbourhood. I will pledge one euro per km, and I will ask my fellow joggers to do the same. All the pledges will then go into a German initiative for reforestation, wherever it's needed. This will be a perfect way to keep healthy, engage with you guys in a productive way and be environmentally responsible while touring.  

Every participant will get a gift of download codes from me or the Rocketboys and we'll have a little cooldown post-jog chill time after the jog, before we hit the showers and I go on stage. We won't be in a hurry and we will not jog faster than the slowest of us. You don't have to be an experienced runner, just willing to be part of the good vibes. Feel free to bring your bicycle if you just want to join us, cheer, motivate, provide a little soft music and amble along and don't feel like running/jogging. 

This is a pretty complicated venture, so I'll need you guys to sign up so I can organise the project better. I might ask some of you to help me out with bringing water or finding a great jogging path, close to the venue or central to your towns, or just a really pretty area for jogging. 

Generally we'll be jogging at 17.00 on the weekdays and at around 16.00 on weekends. There may be some exceptions though, and I'll let you guys know. And any changes to the locations we meet up will also be provided as soon as possible. I'll make facebook events for the jog in each city and I would love for you to contribute. 

I realise not everyone is able to join and there's issues of inclusion. Not everyone can jog/run or is able to. If you use a wheelchair, just join us, we'll adjust our speed and route to accommodate. But it's of course easier to adjust the route if you let us know in advance. Feel free to bring your bicycle if you just want to join us, cheer, motivate, provide a little soft music and amble along and don't feel like running/jogging. I want this to become a fun tradition for the next years. 

I will delete all gathered email addresses after the tour, unless you specifically choose for me not to. 

So, please sign up here if you want to be part of team awesome for Svavar Knútur's Climate Neutral Touring fun time jog.


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