London - Paris - Cologne!

 So, after some beautiful gigs in Bristol, Nottingham, Blackburn and Paris, my travels now bring me to Germany, where I'll be playing for the next two weeks.
starting tonight at the Lichtung in Köln (Cologne).
So many cool things have been happening.
Oh shit! Funny Story for you guys!
I played the most awesome scout camping joyness in Blackburn Lancashire on sunday... Had to leave really early for the coach from Nottingham to Manchester to catch a train to Blackburn. So I slept on the train.
But when I had finished singing for those beautiful kids, I suddenly couldn't find my passport and wallet. They were gone from my pocket!
I didn't panic, but I became very concerned... Called every lost and found and closed my credit cards, called the Icelandic embassy to apply for an emergency passport and stuff. Got a bit pissed at my self for letting someone steal my shit.
But I held my shit together and didn't go all self pity and stuff... And the next day, that is today, I woke up at 6 to get to the Icelandic Embassy early, as I needed to catch a train to Paris at 10.30 and you don't do that without a passport.
And as my friend Erla and I are standing in the train on our way into London, I hold the bar above my head with my left hand. And Erla starts looking at my arm in wonder... poking at what seems to be a rectangular shape on my jacket sleeve.
Yes... It was my passport and my wallet... They had just migrated from my pocket into the sleeve of my jacket.
A jaw dropping 5 seconds and hilarious 10 minutes laughing fit later, we crawled out of the train and had a coffee laughing... :D I blame this one on the leprechaun that lives in my jacket.

The best thing is that I have my very borderline legal passport back. It contains a picture that is very dubious and has prompted many a customs officer's weird gaze.
Here you go:

Can you count the illegalities of that photo?

I can't wait to see you guys on the road and to release all the new stuff that is coming out!
Life is so fucking wonderful!
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

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