Melodica over, playing Airwaves and new demo up... 

 Alright you guys :D
Just wanted to tell you my life is going really well! 
Working on a release in the U.S. and distribution options for Germany. All coming along gently.
Will be playing the Iceland Airwaves festival this year, that's nice.
Finally cleaned up my apartment so I can record some demos and do some writing. Might be cathartic for me.
Looking forward to seeing you guys. Hope you spread the love...

Oh, yes! Almost forgot! New song, Ölduslóð! Made a demo in the night. It's attached as a podcast... Pretty cool huh... ;)
Here are the words (you might know them from the last blog, but I have made some small changes.)

Ölduslóð, báruljóð,
bundin í orðum,
norðurglóð, götu hljóð,
gengum við forðum.

Myndirnar, Svarthvítar
og allt sem í þeim býr.
Alls staðar og allt sem var
er minningin um þig svo skýr.

Myrkur sjór, mjúkur snjór,
mættumst í leyni.
Stjörnukór, kuldaskór,
sátum á steini.

Loforðin týndust eitt og eitt,
en draumarnir lifa enn þó allt sé breytt.

Ölduslóð, báruljóð,
bundin í orðum.
Norðurglóð, geislaflóð,
gengum við forðum.

English Translation:

Path of the waves, poems of the sea,
bound in words,
Northern glow, silently the road,
once we did walk.

The pictures, all black and white,
and all that lives in them.
All around, and all that was,
is your memory so clear.

Dark sea, soft snow,
secretly meeting.
Choir of stars, snow shoes,
we sat on a stone.

Our promises got lost
one by one,
but the dreams live on
though all has changed.

Path of the waves, poems of the sea,
bound in words,
Northern glow, a flood of rays,
once we did walk.

Svavar Knútur

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