Melodica Reykjavík and the Troubadour olympics

 Well well well...
I've been terribly busy of late. 
Organizing both the Melodica acoustic songwriters festival and the Troubadour Olympics, a related tour where two groups of five international singer/songwriters tour around Iceland doing beautiful music in the most amazing venues in tiny fishing villages.

It went great...
The festival has started. First day over of three days, four venues and 60 acts, some of the international acts playing different venues on different days for maximum exposure. A total of over 60 man hours of music... :D

Pictures of the awesomeness can be seen here:
Melodica acoustic festival and Troubadour olympics pics

More to come...
Please enjoy darlings!

It's been an awesome festival so far and it's just getting better!
Can't wait to come out to Germany, Poland, Austria and Switzerland suckers :D 
And don't I know anyone from the Baltics? I want to play Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania!!!
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

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