Merry Christmas everyone!!

Ho ho ho! Merry christmas my dear friends,
Just wanted to thank everyone for the amazing time we've had in the past year with the touring, Melodica festival, new album and new baby!!! :D I'm so happy I could explode!!!

So I just wanted to give you guys a christmas song I wrote in Icelandic.
It's called Höldum jól, which means, let's hold christmas.

Svavar Knútur og Litróf - Höldum Jól by Svavar Knutur

I'm so grateful for you guys and for all your support! I'm working on putting Kristjana and my new album up on Itunes :D Shouldn't be too much of a problem :D
But it can also be downloaded on Here's a link!

I love you guys and I can't imagine my life without seeing you around the world.

Let's see each other in the next year!
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

p.s. Oh, and another picture of little Emma :D

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