Merry Christmas! New surprise Album out! Upcoming tour! 

 Hey there my lovely, lovely friends and people I don't know but I like anyway!
I just wanted to send you a wonderful christmas greeting from Iceland.
I hope you'll all have a wonderful holiday! We call it Jól in Iceland... It's probably pronounced something like Yol in English...
Yuletide it is also called...

Don't know if it leaks through but I'm super happy right now.

So! Merry Christmas everyone!

Also, in other news: New album out!!! SURPRISE!!!
I just released a new album on the Dimma Label, called Amma (songs for my grandmother) which features old icelandic tratitional songs, all in Icelandic, recorded in a house concert at my friend's (and publisher's) house a couple of weeks ago. It's actually selling really well in Iceland and we're almost out of the first print run.
My daughter did the album artwork again.

You can listen to Amma (songs for my grandmother) for free at It's also on iTunes and other internet stores.
The basic concept of the album is basically a troubadour's tribute to the old songs of my country that my grandmother knows and loves. I realize that this album will probably not be something that seems very interesting to all of you guys, as it is all in Icelandic and all covers, but It's definately worth a listen for free ;-)
Anyhow, it was a nice project to do before christmas and I've been playing a lot of free gigs for old folks, singing these songs and having a wonderful time getting to know the older generations in my country. :-D

Now: Final point on the agenda.
I'm coming to Europe in April, playing the Hamburg Melodica on the first weekend of April.
In the following weeks, I'll be touring Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and France. I'm looking into gigging options and stuff, so anyone interested in helping with promotions and such, just be in touch :D I'm also very excited to do more house shows.

More soon!!! :D
So, just have a very nice christmas and for you Australians, look out for my countrywoman Ólöf Arnalds, that is coming to Australia in January. :D
Best wishes and merry Christmas,
Svavar Knútur

You guys in Europe!
Kvöldvaka is coming out on a label called Beste Unterhaltung on january the 7th around Europe!
I'd love it if you get your friends to take a chance on it and buy it ;-)

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