New album, Ölduslóð, plus tour of Germany, Denmark and Switzerland!

Hey hey my friends and fans and frans!

My album, Ölduslóð (way of waves) is now out on and some other digital stores like Itunes and Amazon and Spotify :D.
You can stream it for free and also see the development of my daughter's artwork from Kvöldvaka and Amma.

If you like the album, I'd really like it if you buy a physical copy when it comes your way. :D Is that not a nice deal?

I'm coming now on a tour of Germany, switzerland and one concert in Copenhagen and hopefully one in Lund, Sweden. It's going to be pretty fun and a nice tour. 

Wed, 26.09.12 – GER-Gunzenhausen, Cayman Bar
Thu, 27.09.12 - OPEN DATE
Fri, 28.09.12 – CH-Brugg, Dampfschiff
Sat, 29.09.12 – CH-Thun, Café Mokka
Sun, 30.09.12 – Offday
Mon, 01.10.12 – GER-München, Trachtenvogl
Tue, 02.10.12 – GER- Dresden, Stadtteilhaus!
Wed, 03.10.12 – GER-Stuttgart, Galao
Thu, 04.10.12 – GER-Stuttgart, Silent Friday
Fri, 05.10.12 – GER-Tübingen, Zimmertheater, with Vigri
Sat, 06.10.12 – GER-Alfeld, Café, tba
Sat, 06.10.12 – GER-Alfeld, livingroom concert
Sun, 07.10.12 – GER-Braunschweig, KaufBar
Mon, 08.10.12 – GER-Göttingen, Hostel37
Tue, 09.10.12 – GER-Köln, Café Brussels
Wed, 10.10.12 – GER - Berlin, Johan Rose
Thu, 11.10.12 – GER-Hamburg, Küchensession
Thu 11. 10.12 –  GER - Hamburg, Gängeviertel
Fri, 12.10.12 – DK - Copenhagen - Sossa's workshop - CPH Kulturnatten.
Saturday 13. 10.12 - T.B.A.

Everything still in the works I know, but it's getting there...
Also... I'm looking for an agent or a manager for my international work as I feel my growth is being stunted by my lack of experience and knowledge in that field...
Any  takers? just email me at

Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

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  • Eva
    Lund! Swe! Come!

    Lund! Swe! Come!

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