New vinyl out! European spring tour 2014 and more

Hey you guys!
Just wanted you to know that my song "Girl from Vancouver is now out on 7" vinyl on Beste Unterhaltung, my German label.
The rest of my catalogue will be coming out as well on Vinyl.

But now to let you know about my:


Sooo! My dear European friends! Here's the program for my European spring tour and I really hope to see you guys there!
Please share it if you want to be really nice! Why so many places you might ask? Because I'm that flarking dedicated!

23.04.2014    Nürnberg - Tafelhalle
24.04.2014    Chemnitz - Weltecho
25.04.2014     Leipzig - Leipziger Hafenbar -
26.04.2014    Dresden - Blue note
27.04.2014    Wetzlar - Phonobar
28.04.2014    Frankfurt am Main (privat concert)
29.04.2014    Gunzenhausen - Cayman bar
30.04.2014    Tübingen - Zimmertheater
01.05.2014    AT-Innsbruck    Die Bäckerei
02.05.2014    CH-Zürich    Kultur für dich
03.05.2014    Berlin - Zimmer 16
04.05.2014    Amsterdam - CC Muziekcafé
05.05.2014 OPEN DATE
06.05.2014     Münster - Schnabulenz -
07.05.2014    Köln    Kirche St. Michael
08.05.2014    Utrecht - De Loods    
09.05.2014 Venner Folkfrühling
12.05.2014    recklinghausen    premiere of Island one way (play)
13.05.2014    Recklinghausen    Island one way show
14.05.2014    Recklinghausen    Island one way show
15.05.2014    Hamburg    astrastube
16.05.2014    Wuppertal    Bürgerbahnhof
17.05.2014    Austria - Wien - Melodica Festival
18.05.2014    Berlin - OPEN DATE!
19.05.2014    München - Trachtenvogl
20.05.2014    Landsberg - O café
21.05.2014    Stuttgart -  Cafe Galao
22.05.2014    Kaufbeuren - Fotostudio Dorn
23.05.2014    Private concert.
24.05.2014    Ludwigsburg - Brückenhaus Ludwigsburg

Also, here's a graphic representation of my tour plan.

I want to give away two tickets to my theater show to some lucky European fans. I'm still trying to find a way to be fair about it :D
I'm also planning some gigs in N-America, later this year...
Best wishes and see you guys soon!
Svavar Knútur

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