NXNE went well! 

 Hey you guys,
just wanted to thank everyone in Toronto for an amazing NXNE.
Although both my festival slots, at the Cameron house and Rancho Relaxo were opening slots, and consequentially a little sparsely populated, I met some awesome people and made really good friends.
I also played 4 off venue gigs; three picnics and a house concert, that were just amazing.
A 17th of june celabration with my friends the Icelanders of Toronto was just the bomb, as well as picnics in Trinity Bellwood park and Rick Lindal's country home. Not to mention an amazing friday night concert at my new friend Sue's house. Thanks Kathy and Sue!

And just before I left for Toronto, I also had the most wonderful concert alongside some beautiful boys from Harvard, the Din and Tonics.

Wooo hooo! :D
I'm going to try to post some new stuff every now and then and make this fun and interesting...
Looking forward to keeping in touch with you guys!
Oh, and I put up a live version of my song Soundtracks. I played it at the ABC in Darwin... Hop
Best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

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