Second leg of European tour coming up

Hey hey you guys! Time for the second leg of my European tour  
Starting tomorrow (today, thursday the 24th) in Hamburg at the Hashenschaukel! YAY!

So, here's the full schedule. Can't wait to see you there! 

24.10.13 Hamburg, Hasenschaukel
25.10.13 Kiel, Prinz Willy
26.10.13 Nürnberg, Nürnberg Pop Festival
27.10.13 Freiburg - Litfass
28.10.13 München, Trachtenvogl
Tue 29.10.13 - Saarbrücken - Baker Street
Wed 30.10.13 - Landsberg - Ocafe
Thu 31.10.13 - Wien - Clash café
Fri 01.11.13 - Luxembourg
Sat 02.11.13 - Melodica Paris at le Bellevilloise

Love and joy,
Svavar Knutur

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