Tour going great! New album coming out in November!

Hey you guys!
Just wanted to let you know, the tour's going amazing! Full houses everywhere! Amazing Audiences and I'm almost out of Kvöldvakas to sell. And talking about albums! I've got a new one coming out in November, It's called Amma - songs for my grandmother, and it's all Icelandic tratitional songs recorded in a live concert at my friends house. A bit of a curiosum for you guys there if you enjoy that kind of stuff... It's going to go up on my Bandcamp page for streaming soon. Looking forward to giving you a sample!
It's a pretty special album and I dedicated it to my grandmothers, Svava, Vilborg and Þórhildur. (Yes, I have three grandmothers, do you want to make it an issue? ;-) )
My daughter Dagbjört made the cover art again, beautiful! 

Now, tonight, a concert in Bochum and tomorrow, Duisburg. This tour is going amazing!!! :D
The venue for Berlin is Johann Rose on the 10th and it looks like we have a gig in Kaiserslauten and also in Zürich!!! :D Wooo hooo! Switzerland!
With love,
Svavar Knútur

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