Tour of Germany, Poland, Austria and Switzerland september-october!

 Hey you guys,
I'm writing you from a lot of busy work preparing for the Reykjavík Melodica to tell you about my upcoming European tour!

The dates are as follows:
Sun, 25.09.11 - GER-Berlin, Intersoup
Mon, 26.09.11 - GER-Frankfurt Oder, House Concert
Thu, 27.09.11 - PL-Poznań, Meskalina
Wed, 28.09.11 - PL-Ostrzeszów, Baszta with lokal support: Jola Kostrzewska/Michał Kowalonek
Thu, 29.09.11 - AT-Vienna, Waves Vienna, Cafè Stage
Fri, 30.09.11 - GER-Stuttgart, Silent Friday (Wagenhalle Stuttgart)
Sat, 01.10.11 - CH-Trogen, Le Viertel
Sun, 02.10.11 - CH, Zürich, House concert - To be announced!!!
Mon, 03.10.11 - GER-München, Trachtenvogl
Tue, 04.10.11 - GER-Gunzenhausen, Caymann Bar
Wed, 05.10.11 - GER-Leipzig, Haus des Buches
Thu, 06.10.11 - GER-Tübingen, Zimmertheater
Fri, 07.10.11 - GER-Köln, Kulturcafé Lichtung
Sat, 08.10.11 – GER-Berlin, Melodica Festival
Sun, 09.10.11 - GER-Bremen, Schnürschuh Theater
Mon, 10.10.11 - GER-Hamburg, Kulturhaus 73, along with TIna Bauer and Myrra Rós

So looking forward to seeing you guys there!!! :D  Can't wait!
Please tell your friends and spread the good word.
Big love and joy,
Svavar Knútur

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