Two European tours coming up! Plus a festival in Caen, France.

So, it's all going on these days. 
Ölduslóð is coming out on Vinyl in the U.S. and trickling back to Europe from our American label, Red Eye Transit.
But first, I'm coming back to Europe for two tours, one long and one short.

First tour:

Second tour:
24.10.13  - DE - Hamburg, Hasenschaukel
25.10.13 - DE - Kiel, Prinz Willy 
26.10.13 - DE - Nürnberg, Nürnberg Pop Festival
27.10.13 - DE - Freiburg - Litfass
28.10.13 - DE - München, Trachtenvogel
Tue 29.10.13 - DE - Saarbrücken - Baker Street
Wed 30.10.13 - DE- Landsberg
Thu 31.10.13 - AT - Vienna - Concert for Icelandic Students and scandinavian studies.
Fri 01.11.13 - LUX - Luxembourg -  Updown bar
Sat 02.11.13 - FR - Melodica Paris
Sun 03.11.13 - FR - Melodica Paris

I can't wait to see you guys again!

I'm loving this life!
Your friend,
Svavar Knútur
p.s. Ah, here is a version of While the world burns on the Ukulele with Markéta Irglová :D
It's great to be alive!

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