U.S. Tour going great plus sweet video

 Hey guys :D
Just wanted to let you know, life's good. Had an awesome concert alongside Lay Low and Sóley at Infinity Hall, Norfolk CT. Full house and good spirits! :D
Some days are just better than others, and Gerri Griswold and her posse made this day amazing! Also, Tommie Gonzales from Red Eye Transit did not make it worse at all with his lovely company.

So, tuesday I'm playing at Pianos in the lower east side of Manhattan and some more gigs coming up, including Boston on friday and Saturday.

But in the meantime, here's a very nice video we made in the Faroe Islands in January, when we played my acoustic arrangement of the song Tokan / Þokan (the fog) that I co-wrote with faroese artist Marius Ziska.

Hope to see you all soon and if you like it, please share it :D Love! Svavar Knútur

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