Universal thanks and hanging out in Djúpavík...

 Hey you guys.
I know I haven't been very active in the past month but there's a lot of reasons for it ;-) I promise...

I'd just like to do a bit of a post-tour thank you to all the folks that welcomed me in France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden in the last tour. It was beautiful and you are too many to mention!!!
But I'll try: 
Sverrir and Þóra and all the folks in Åkarp.
My bro Nóni and all his family in Sönderborg!
The Melodica teams of Hamburg, Berlin and Århus! My god, you guys! You are amazing! Torben and Rike, Craig and Anika (and Oskar), Björn and Saundrah, Mijo and Lena, Mathias and Jona and Claudio, Niels, Everyone else there that knows who you are!
The folks at the Science slam and the Ex'n'pop in Berlin.
The wonderful folks in Würzburg, the Café cult folks and Mareike!
My dear friends at the TrachtenVogl in München! Christian Ohlman, you are a genius!
Nils and Tina in Landau and of course my dear new friend from Leipzig!
Bernhard from Onkel Tony in Osnabrück for being such a darling man!
Lars and Kathrin and the folks in Stamm Silva in Solingen! Thanks for the Messer... :D
Münster gang! Sebastian, all the Teilchen gang, and of course Jan and Jana. You guys are awesome!
Max, Sonja and all the Katinka folks and of course Johanna Marx. (And the nice jeweler who sold me my engagement ring!
My beautiful friends in Bochum! Ortwin and family and friends at the Geimeinde Stiepel.
Sarah Verhaeghe and Arthur and the farmers at the nice little farm we played. As well as my support singing calf.
Jurgen Vanderbroek in Gent! What a lovely young beautiful beast!
Everyone in Paris! Renaud and Rósa, and my dear Vincent at the Beguin.

And Last but not least! My dear friend Maleen and my new label in Germany Beste Unterhaltung and its chief Christian Pliefke
It's amazing! I'm so happy!

But now, I'm chilling in Djúpavík, a little hotel owned by some very good friends in the middle of nowhere!
Loving it!!! Preparing for a wonderful journey to U.S. and Canada and another European tour in Sept-oct. And then, in the end of october. I will receive the greatest gift a man can receive... :D
with love and joy!
Svavar Knútur

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  • Stephanie
    I was in Djupavik and I had a wonderful night. Thank you!! Do you have dates and locations for Canada and U.S. tour? Thanks

    I was in Djupavik and I had a wonderful night. Thank you!! Do you have dates and locations for Canada and U.S. tour?


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