Victory, graditude and joy!

 Just came home from Berlin where I claimed the first place in an international singer/songwriter competition called Troubadour. 
The competition was fierce, fun and amazingly eclectic! The host, Mckinley Black is an amazing character, beautiful singer/songwriter and an altruistic dream, making things happen for others. 
A link:
I just want to put forth my great gratitude, appreciation and happiness, for all the beautiful people that rocked up and voted for me, the panel of judges and also my fellow competetitors, who inspired me to be a better musician, with their amazing talents and stage presence!

Pic courtesy of Denis Leo Hegic

So, Ian Fisher, A seated craft, Sanne Do, Ida Gard, Lili Somerfeld and everyone else that was competing in the semi-finals and pre-semi finals, thank you all so much!
To the staff at the W.A.B.E. club in Prenzlauer Berg and the amazing Troubadour Crew, I would also like to say, you are my heroes and I can't wait to see you all again!!!
Big love and best wishes,
Svavar Knútur

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