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Dear listener In the recent years, I have found myself covering some favorite icelandic folk and traditional songs alongside my original material at my concerts. These are songs that have touched me deeply and been an important part of my life. I wanted to make a compilation of these songs and put them on a live record, a kind of cover work, before I go on with my next album of originals.

My friends encouraged me to do the deed and my publisher Aðalsteinn Ásberg welcomed the idea of a live concert in his living room in Skólavörðustígur 27 with open arms. There were no more obstacles and we went on ahead. Family and close friends were invited to a house concert with light refreshments and all the works. The mood was unforgettable.

The moment was beautiful, my grandmother Svava was there and she sat and listened to the good old songs that I had always wanted to sing for her. I therefore dedicate this album to my grandmothers, Svava, Vilborg and Þórhildur, that have always been so good and gentle and loved their little grandson with all their hearts. All of the songs on this album are important to me and have a special place in my heart.

It was wonderful to enjoy this evening with all those beautiful people in the living room and singing without any amplification or "middle men" for the ones I love. In the kitchen sat the sound engineer, Jón Skuggi, and listened to every cracking joint, hum and loud breath in the room. He was invaluable and has my dearest gratitude.

I hope that the love, warmth and serenity that reigned in Aðalsteins living room makes its way to your ears. As I listen to the recordings and write these words I feel in the performance all the love I carry for my parents, my brothers, my grandparents, loved ones and lovers. If you listen closely you can also hear the cars, creaking chairs and the clicking of knitting. But I think that makes it all just a little bit more homey. credits

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