New album, Ahoy! Side A, just out. Plus all original albums available on Vinyl! :D Also, follow me on Spotify:


"Why don't you have, you know, a cool sounding artist name, dude?"

"Because I trust anyone with the presence of mind and heart to discover and enjoy my music to be smart enough to remember my name."

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New song, "The tide is rising" out right now! 

Hey guys!

I'm super sorry about writing so little right here... 

BUUT! I have some great news!

I'm working on Ahoy! Side B like crazy and already, there's a new EP out called Bil (Between). It's kind of the inbetween world between Ahoy! Sides A and B. Containing acoustic versions of three songs on the album and two little covers. You can check it out at: svavarknutur.bandcamp.com if you want to listen and enjoy it for free. 

But hey! that's not why I'm writing! Right now, Spotify, Deezer and Apple music are releasing my song "The tide is rising". And you can pre-save it right here: https://backl.ink/146773187 Or just go straight to Spotify and Listen I guess. But if you save it, I'd be very happy...

I love you guys a lot! And I'm so happy that my career as a singer songwriter has not demanded any kind of fame or adoration, just respect, friendships, mutual admiration and community. We are all equals and I love that this is the relationship we've managed to maintain.

So! Check out the new song guys! Can't wait to come and play again for you once I get a shot in the arm!

Best wishes and love,
your friend,
Svavar Knútur

Svavar Knútur participates in Global Music Match 

Hey hey guys! 
I'm super happy to make this announcement today! 



Over the next couple of months my social platforms will be full to the brim, bringing you music from all over the world as part of Global Music Match. GMM is an initiative to encourage sharing, conversation and collaboration amongst artists during a time when travelling is difficult. 96 artists and bands from 14 countries will participate along with the hard working folk of export agencies around the world. Starting on the 31st of August I will start introducing these amazing artists: 


Lucy Ward (England)
Fanny Lumsden (Australia)
CGS Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (Italy) 
Adyn Townes (Canada) 
and Breabach (Scotland) 


We have an evolving collaborative playlist of the artists participating on spotify, but in the coming weeks, we'll all learn a lot more about each other. 


Check out the GMM website: www.globalmusicmatch.com 
And follow the hashtag: 

Now here's the thing. I know few people as generous, hospitable, loving and open as you, my audience. You've always welcomed people that I am introducing to you with so much love that it is a wonder to witness. I am only one man, but you are many. If you help me to spread the love, and help me bring these amazing artists in front of new people around the world, everyone will profit and be happier for it. I am looking to you to be my parners in making the Global Music Match a success so it will continue as the amazing project that it is. 

I can't wait to see you guys again soon! 

Svavar K


My dear friends, 
The Covid-19 virus pandemic has truly put our world into a state of panic and it is really causing a lot of pain and damage around the planet. 
It's going to get worse before it gets better, and the virus is affecting older people a lot harder than younger people, so we have to be very careful to not accidentally cause harm to our elderly relatives and friends. 
European and Asian governments are now working hard on responding responsibly to slow down the spread of the virus to make it more manageable and not lose the health system. 
As an artist, I realise that carry a great responsibility with regards to containing transmission of this pandemic. In one tour, I come into touch with thousands of people, even tens of thousands, and it is very important that I don't contribute to further spreading of the virus. 
That being said, we have been looking so much forward to coming to play our String Spring tour for you guys. We recorded videos, spent weeks on arrangements and rehearsals, recording and pressing a new EP and lots of love. So many new stories I wanted to tell you and so many people I wanted to hug and laugh with. 

But now the reality is that several venues have already been ordered to cancel our concerts. This is a prudent and wise decision and we respect it. We foresee that in the coming days more venues will cancel the concerts. 
This reality has forced us to cancel the tour. It is very painful, sad and of course financially devastating both for us and the local promoters, but it is the responsible thing to do. By cancelling the tour, we are doing our share to curtail the spreading of the virus. I have no intention of helping it spread. 

So, the decision has been made. I have to cancel my spring tours in Europe, in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden. My Norway gigs are still open and we're waiting until we know more about the situation. I have tears in my eyes and I'm very sad, but this is the only right thing to do. 

We are already looking into figuring out rescheduling of some of the concerts for october/november. And we hope that it all works out. And I really appreciate all of your understanding. 

But most importantly, we hope you all stay safe, healthy and follow the advice of health authorities. I want to see you all again this autumn. Please eat your broccoli! 

I love you guys, and I'm so grateful to have such an amazing and loving audience. 
Best wishes and love, 
your friend, 
Svavar Knútur


Happy New Year!!!  

Hello my friends and a happy new year to you all! 
I'm so looking forward to seeing you in the coming year, and I'm working hard on visiting as many countries as I can in 2020 and 2021. But right now, I have some sweet and wonderful news for you, and I'll put them under the heading! 

Tours of Europe and UK, new video and albums coming up! 

Yes! You read it clear! I have tours of Europe, UK and Scandinavia coming up, a new video (and more in the making), one EP in the works, a live acoustic album coming up and still working on Ahoy! Side B. 
So here's the tour information: 

Tour in the UK: February 24th to March 1st.  (Some dates T.B.A.)
Tour in Germany: March 13th to 28th. 
Tour in Switzerland: April 19th to 26th (Dates T.B.A.) 
Tour in Scandinavia April 28th to may 9th. (Some dates T.B.A.)

I'm working hard to update my concert schedule on this site with all the concerts, but it takes time and work <3 Please be patient. 

I did a nice video session with my friend Bob and also with  my string trio friends, in the decommissioned women's locker room of the old Sundhöllin swimming hall in Reykjavík. It was a wonderful time and fun was had by all! 
We shot four live videos and here's the first one :D It's my song Janúar, a song of love, grace and gratitude to the most thankless, unloved and disgraced of months. <3 Hope you like it. It's got english subtitles. 

I'm also working on a new EP that will come out in March, titled: Millibil // The Between, featuring very sweet acoustic versions of songs that normally have had a very indie rock feel. 
Also, I'm working on an album with only me and an acoustic guitar, playing even more stripped down versions of a lot of my songs, by popular demand :D 

That's enough for now my wonderful friends!

My European "Second Bell" Tour is starting! :D New song, Janúar coming out! 

Hey my wonderful friends,

Svavar Knútur here, your friendly neighbourhood comfort hobbit and fjord folker.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm coming on tour in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic next week! With three gigs in Scandinavia coming up first, in Copenhagen, Odense (DK) and Älghult (SE). I'll again be bringing my wonderful friends, The Rocketboys and we'll be playing on each other's songs. And in some cities, there will be a band as well. :D We're really excited!

I've also got a sweet new song coming out! It's called Janúar and it's a song of glory, love and appreciation for the least loved of the months. I'll let you know more when it comes out!

But here's a little poster I made for the tour: 

I'd love it it you spread it around...

But here's the tour schedule, tickets are available on my concerts page:

25.09. Hanover - TAK 
26.09. Weimar - Mon Ami
27.09. Leipzig - Kupfersaal - With Rocketboys
28.09. Dresden - Jazzclub Tonne - With Rocketboys
29. 09. Ludwigsburg - Die Fetzerei (Sold out)
01.10. Görlitz - Appollo Theater
02.10. Göttingen - Apex (Sold out)
03.10. Münster - Hot Jazz Club - With Rocketboys plus band
04.10. München - Feierwerk - With Rocketboys plus band
05.10. Berlin - Lido - With Rocketboys plus band
06.10. Hamburg - Knust - With Rocketboys plus band
09.10. Graz - Die Scherbe - With Rocketboys 
10.10. Vienna - B72 - With Rocketboys plus band
11.10. Prag - Palác Akropolis - With Rocketboys plus band
12.10. Nürnberg pop - With band
13.10. Düsseldorf - Hotel Friends

Please be darlings and do the whole Facebook sharing and inviting stuff :D I really want to make this tour a big success <3

I adore you guys and thanks so much for sticking with me.
Oh yeah, and if you want to jog or bicycle with me, 5k, in your city, just sign up on my google form :D

Best wishes and see you soon,

Svavar Knútur

Join Team Awesome for Climate Neutral Touring fun time jog 

Hey hey Guys! Svavar Knútur here. 
I really want to do more when touring, than just being a guy that shows up for soundcheck, plays a show and goes to bed, rinse and repeat. 
There's three goals I really want to achieve while touring: 
1: Keep healthy 
2: Grow my relationship with my supporters, fans and friends. 
3: Reduce the environmental impact of my touring. 

With that in mind, I want to unite those three goals with a new project: Jogging for reforestation.  
In 14 cities on my upcoming “Second bell” tour, I will meet with willing friends and fans for a light 5-10 Km jog around a park or a neighbourhood. I will pledge one euro per km, and I will ask my fellow joggers to do the same. All the pledges will then go into a German initiative for reforestation, wherever it's needed. This will be a perfect way to keep healthy, engage with you guys in a productive way and be environmentally responsible while touring.  

Every participant will get a gift of download codes from me or the Rocketboys and we'll have a little cooldown post-jog chill time after the jog, before we hit the showers and I go on stage. We won't be in a hurry and we will not jog faster than the slowest of us. You don't have to be an experienced runner, just willing to be part of the good vibes. Feel free to bring your bicycle if you just want to join us, cheer, motivate, provide a little soft music and amble along and don't feel like running/jogging. 

This is a pretty complicated venture, so I'll need you guys to sign up so I can organise the project better. I might ask some of you to help me out with bringing water or finding a great jogging path, close to the venue or central to your towns, or just a really pretty area for jogging. 

Generally we'll be jogging at 17.00 on the weekdays and at around 16.00 on weekends. There may be some exceptions though, and I'll let you guys know. And any changes to the locations we meet up will also be provided as soon as possible. I'll make facebook events for the jog in each city and I would love for you to contribute. 

I realise not everyone is able to join and there's issues of inclusion. Not everyone can jog/run or is able to. If you use a wheelchair, just join us, we'll adjust our speed and route to accommodate. But it's of course easier to adjust the route if you let us know in advance. Feel free to bring your bicycle if you just want to join us, cheer, motivate, provide a little soft music and amble along and don't feel like running/jogging. I want this to become a fun tradition for the next years. 

I will delete all gathered email addresses after the tour, unless you specifically choose for me not to. 

So, please sign up here if you want to be part of team awesome for Svavar Knútur's Climate Neutral Touring fun time jog.



Canadian Tour all confirmed! 

Ahoy my wonderful cousins and friends in Canada!

Finally, I'm coming back to Canada after more than two years absence from my dear friends all around!
I'll be playing songs from my new album, Ahoy! Side A and bringing lots of silly stories for you.

So, here's a little overview of the tour:

Friday May 17th - Vancouver - Café Deux Soleils (With Gisun) 
Saturday May 18th - Winnipeg - The Cavern (With Jaxxon Haldane)

Monday May 20th - Taking the train from WPG to Toronto. What a treat!!!

Thursday May 23rd - Toronto - The Burdock (With Shawn William Clarke)
Friday May 24th - Montreal - Rocket Science Room (With Shawn William Clarke)
Saturday May 25th - Ottawa - Bar Robo 6pm show (With Shawn William Clarke)

Yes, it's short and no, I can't visit everyone I'd like, but it's a start babes and I'm going to be coming more often now, as I have found great people to work with and making new friends every time. 

Also! Take the trains, they're the best and most environmentally friendly mode of transportation available to man.

I love you guys!

Your friendly neighbourhood Troubadour,

Svavar Knútur


Award nominations, Awards and upcoming European tour 

Hello my dear friends!

I have some news for you! My new album, Ahoy! Side A has been nominated for the Icelandic music awards as best Indie pop album. Makes me very proud! I was also nominated as singer of the year! Great success! Also, the music video for the Hurting won first prize at the Apex film festival in Arizona! This makes me so proud! 

Also, I'm on my way back on some tours with lots of good stuff going on! And as always, I'll be riding the trains with my trusty Interrail pass :D 

First, the smaller things:


April 5th - Tübingen - Vivat lingua, beautiful little concert. Be welcome!
April 6th - Ettlingen - Nachtcafé im Schloss


Fri. May 17th - Vancouver - Café Deux Soleils
Sat. May 18th - Winnipeg -  The Cavern

Fri. May 24th - Toronto - The Burdock
Sat. May 25th - Montreal - Rocket Science room
Sun. May 26th - Ottawa - Bar Robo

Fri. Jul 26. - Flensburg - Flensburger Hofkultur
Sat. Aug. 10 - Wagersrott - Enzo Festival
Sat. Sept. 7 -  Denmark: Nordsjæl festival
Sat. Sept. 14 - Schleswig - Norden Festival 
Sun. Sept. 15. - Schleswig - Norden Festival

Short tour of Scandinavia between Sept. 16 and 23. T.B.A.

And then, my "Second Bell" tour, presented by: AskHelmut, Bleistiftrocker.de, Kulturnews, Soundkartell, Folker and Stairbeans booking and management:

Wed, Sep 25, 2019    Hannover, TAK (solo) 
Thu, Sep 26, 2019      Weimar, Kulturzentrum mon ami (solo) 
Fri, Sep 27, 2019        Leipzig, Kupfersaal (Band) 
Sat, Sep 28, 2019       Dresden, Jazzclub Tonne (Band) 
Sun, Sep 29, 2019      Ludwigsburg, Die Fetzerei (solo) 
Tue, Oct 1, 2019         Görlitz, Apollo Theater (solo) 
Wed, Oct 2, 2019       Göttingen, Apex (Solo) 
Thu, Oct 3, 2019         Münster, Hot Jazz Club (Band) 
Fri, Oct 4, 2019           München, Feierwerk (Band) 
Sat, Oct 5, 2019          Berlin, Lido (Band + Choir) 
Sun, Oct 6, 2019         Hamburg, Knust (Band) 
Wed, Oct 9, 2019       AT-Graz, Die Scherbe (Solo) 
Thu, Oct 10, 2019       AT-Vienna, B72 (Band)        
Sat, Oct 12, 2019        Nürnberg, Nürnberg.Pop (Band) 
Sun, Oct 13, 2019       Düsseldorf, Hotel Friends (solo)

Tickets for the tour available here on my website.


So, more info is coming up soon! I'm still working on Ahoy! Side B and you'll be the first to know when it's ready.

New song out now! New album and tour just starting! 

Hey hey you guys! 
Svavar Knútur here, your friendly neighbourhood Troubadour. I have lots of cool news for you! 
A new song out today, a new album out in September and an upcoming massive tour of Germany and Austria. 

So here is my news, in a bit more detail. 


A couple of weeks ago, I released my song Morgunn (Morning) on icelandic Radio and boy did it take off! It’s been in the second place in the Icelandic national radio charts for four weeks running! It just slipped down to number six this week, so, now we’re making it available on Spotify and I’m super excited to hear what you think about it. 

The song is about the beauty of the morning, how nature and the human spirit both fill with life as the warm rays of the sun break the darkness and wake the world. A song of gratitude and celebration. I really hope you like it. 
Check it out on spotify, but here's also a link to a little video I made for you guys, from some of the photos and videos from my phone. Some of you might actually be in the video ;-) 


For the last couple of months, my lovely friends and I have been busy, recording a new album, called Ahoy! Side A. The album is an experiment, side A of a bigger album, with side B to be released later. But it’s still a full album, with nine songs. Five new songs and four older songs, “repainted”. I’m really happy with it and I’m looking forward to hearing how you guys like it. It’ll be released for streaming and downloading on september 14th. I’ll tell you more about the album as the release draws closer. 

Here’s the album cover artwork for you guys. The artwork is the product of my daughter Dagbjört Lilja. 
Click it to get to the download link page! :D



Also, I’m coming to Europe for a tour in september and cotober, playing Germany and Austria this time, but no worries guys in other countries, I have plenty of plans for tours over at your places. Look out Switzerland, Scandinavia, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and more. I'm working on coming your way. 
My tour is wonderfully presented and supported by ASK HELMUT, The Postie, Kulturnews, Soundkartell, Folker and the awesome folks at Interrail. 

04. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Münster - Hot Jazz club 

10. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Pforzheim - Horsch 

11. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Aschaffenburg - Colos Saal 

12. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Ludwigsburg * -Fetzerei SOLD OUT 

13. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • München * - Feierwerk 

15. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Osterburken - Alte Schule 

17. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Hamburg +* - Knust 

18. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Kiel + - Prinz Willy 

19. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Köln +* - Stadtgarten 

20. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Nürnberg +* - Club Stereo *Few tickets left 

22. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Berlin +* - Lido 

25. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Dresden - Jazz Club Tonne 

26. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Jena - Glashaus im Paradies 

27. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Erfurt - Museumskeller 

28. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Aue - SOLD OUT 

29. Sep. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Leipzig - Kupfersaal 

01. Oct. Svavar Knútur (IS) • AT-Graz - Die Scherbe 

02. Oct. Svavar Knútur (IS) • AT-Wien - B72 

03. Oct. Svavar Knútur (IS) • AT-Innsbruck - Die Bäckerei 

04 Oct. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Göttingen * - Apex  - Few tickets left  

05 Oct. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Husum - Speicher 

06 Oct. Svavar Knútur (IS) • Norderney -  SOLD OUT 


+ = Duo Show 

* = Special Guests: The Rocketboys (US) 

Tickets can be bought on my home page at: https://www.svavarknutur.com/concerts 

I'm so excited to see you all soon! The rest of Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. I'm working on plans to see you. It's all in the works right now. 

Best wishes and love, 
your friend, 
Svavar Knútur