Ahoy! Side A

Ahoy! Side A is the first part of a larger project, telling the story of the artists ongoing journey.

Ahoy! continues Svavar's gentle experiments with a richer soundscape and more versatile songwriting and storytelling.

Recorded mostly in Svavar's home, the album features a lot of friends and collaborators from his past, as well as some new faces in the Knútur community.

Ahoy! Side A features five new songs and four "repainted" versions of older songs, that Svavar has for a long time had an ambition to retouch and reinvent. 

Listen to Ahoy! Side A at Bandcamp: http://svavarknutur.bandcamp.com/album/ahoy-side-a


Brot - The breaking

Svavar Knútur's fourth album, Brot (The Breaking), out in october 2015. An exploration of insecurities, family, lives shattered by life's storms and new life.

Featuring richer instrumentations and arrangements than it's predecessor. Brot has received a wonderful welcome with Svavar Knútur's fans. The first single of the album, Brot has stayed in the Icelandic national radio top 10 for three weeks, reaching number 4. 
Featuring vocal performances from Markéta Irglová and Kristjana Stefáns, Brot (the breaking) was also released on vinyl and as a limited edition "ear candy" confectionalry box with download codes inside.

Mostly recorded in the Aldingarðurinn (Orchard) studies, Fella- og Hólakirkja church, Svavar Knútur's house and cabin in the north, the album was produced by Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson, A.K.A. Íkorni, a wonderuflly talented producer and singer/songwriter. Brot features ten songs, with lyrics equally split between english and Icelandic with the addition of Faroese in the song Þokan (the fog).

Co-writers on four songs on the album were Helle Hansen (DK) on the songs Bátur bíður and Little things, Eva Hillered (SE) on The curtain and Marius Ziska (FO) on the song Þokan. 

Listen to Brot at svavarknutur.bandcamp.com


Ölduslóð - Way of waves

 Svavar Knútur's third solo album, Ölduslóð (way of waves) explores the winding paths of happiness in ten songs, written on themes such as love, family, forgiveness, lust and coming to terms with the past.

A simple, minimalist, sparsely arranged and elegant album, Ölduslóð follows Svavar Knútur's first album, Kvöldvaka in the story of the songs of misery and redemption. It features ten songs, sung equally in Icelandic and english. Split into three parts by songs dedicated to his daughters and ending with a tragic song about forgiveness and the self damnation of hubris, Ölduslóð is a decidedly honest and earnest album, where Svavar opens up to the core.

Recorded in the Greenhouse studios in Iceland, home of the Bedroom Community. The album is an intimate piece of work. Featuring the guitar, the ukulele, musical saw, cello, a choir, electric pianos, simple synths and some other instruments, the arrangements are a bit more experimental than Kvöldvaka's, while still retaining the simple and rustic feel.

Featuring three songs in collaboration with Czech Singer/songwriter Markéta Irglová, the album really benefits from her charming and elegant delivery and sublime talent.

Listen to Ölduslóð at: svavarknutur.bandcamp.com

The Aquarian

Amma - Songs for my Grandmother

Svavar Knútur's second solo album Amma - songs for my grandmother is a tribute to Icelandic folk- and traditional songs. On it, Svavar uses only his guitar, his ukulele and in one case a piano, to bring to the present classic Icelandic songs, loved by the Icelandic people. The album has been a huge hit in Iceland, as it is very raw, simple and recorded live in concert.

Svavar's liner notes on Amma - songs for my grandmother: "In the recent years, I have found myself covering some favorite icelandic folk and traditional songs alongside my original material at my concerts. These are songs that have touched me deeply and been an important part of my life. I wanted to make a compilation of these songs and put them on a live record, a kind of cover work, before I go on with my next album of originals.

My friends encouraged me to do the deed and my publisher Aðalsteinn Ásberg welcomed the idea of a live concert in his living room in Skólavörðustígur 27 with open arms. There were no more obstacles and we went on ahead. Family and close friends were invited to a house concert with light refreshments and all the works. The mood was unforgettable.

The moment was beautiful, my grandmother Svava was there and she sat and listened to the good old songs that I had always wanted to sing for her. I therefore dedicate this album to my grandmothers, Svava, Vilborg and Þórhildur, that have always been so good and gentle and loved their little grandson with all their hearts. All of the songs on this album are important to me and have a special place in my heart.

It was wonderful to enjoy this evening with all those beautiful people in the living room and singing without any amplification or "middle men" for the ones I love. In the kitchen sat the sound engineer, Jón Skuggi, and listened to every cracking joint, hum and loud breath in the room. He was invaluable and has my dearest gratitude.

I hope that the love, warmth and serenity that reigned in Aðalsteins living room makes its way to your ears. As I listen to the recordings and write these words I feel in the performance all the love I carry for my parents, my brothers, my grandparents, loved ones and lovers. If you listen closely you can also hear the cars, creaking chairs and the clicking of knitting. But I think that makes it all just a little bit more homey."

Listen to Amma for free at svavarknutur.bandcamp.com

Rote Raupe - German
Sound and image - German


 Svavar Knutur's debut album, Kvöldvaka came out in the spring of 2009. A sparsely arranged and modest folk album, full of rich melodies and warm vocals, Kvöldvaka is a gentle trip to a campfire or a fireplace in a log cabin. The title means Evening wake and refers to a group of people getting together for a night of stories and songs, and that is exactly how the album was recorded.

 Kvöldvaka has received very positive attention from fans, both new and old and very positive reviews in the Icelandic press and also in web based and printed international publications.
It is possible to order a physical copy on Amazon 
Here, you will find links to reviews as they come in: 

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Hraun - Silent Treatment

 Svavar Knútur's band Hraun's 2nd album, Silent Treatment, marked the second part of the trilogy "Songs of misery and redemption" mapping the road from the awakening of hope to full blown anger and frustration at a situation out of control and bitter childhood memories, the album starts off sweet and low and works it's way up to full blown anger.
The album received mixed reviews, both good and not so good in the Icelandic music press, although more in the positive vein. Overall however, it was very well received, both by fans and critics.
Listen for free at hraun.bandcamp.com or download it for a low low price :D

Hraun - I can't believe it's not happiness

Svavar Knútur's band Hraun's debut album, I can't believe it's not happiness, is the first part in a trilogy entitled: "Songs of misery and redemption". Featuring songs about alienation, loss of friends and loved ones through alcoholism and avalanches, divorce and such depressing themes, ICBINH is a pretty somber album although hope is the reigning spirit.
Focussing heavily on Knutur's father, who died tragically in an avalanche a couple of years earlier, the album is meant to be his epitaph as two of the main songs, Clementine and Astarsaga ur fjöllunum, both tell the story of the lost child.
The album did not receive a lot of attention in Iceland, but the bands fans loved it and icelandic Rock queen Andrea Jonsdottir gave it full marks in her review in Icelandic National Radio.

In recent years, the album has become quite a keeper and people buy it increasingly at shows and when it becomes available.
Listen to it for free at hraun.bandcamp.com or download it for a low low price.