Covers and Remixes of Svavar Knútur's songs

 People have been covering my songs and sometimes doing remixes and I just wanted to get it all into one place... :D
Please send  me your covers/remixes ( fanmail (at) ) and I'll put'em up here... :D

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Your favorite Remix/cover?

Komdu 9
Tiger and Bear 28
Emotional Anorexic by Fannar (Plastic Joy) 11
Emotional Anorexic by Kevin 27
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Marie Schmalz plays an awesome cover of my song "The Hurting" 
What makes me even more impressed is that there was basically no version of the song available on the internet or anywhere at the time. I don't know where she picked it up!

My friend Tim Heckmann does an amazing and very creatively altered ukulele version of "The Hurting" :D

Mp3's of covers

Dota Kehr sings "While the world burns".

Computer sings Leipzig

They guys from Roots and Routes made a special geek friendly version of Leipzig! Thanks guys!

Emotional Anorexic by Kevin a.k.a. Ghost

Emotional Anorexic by Fannar // Plastik Joy

Tiger and bear by Maik Iser

Yfir hóla og yfir hæðir by Anonymous