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Undir Birkitré

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Repainted version of an older song.


Einn ég dvel og velti um heiminn vöngum.
Bærist laufið græna, bærist laufið græna.
Hérna get ég setið stundum löngum,
syngur lækjarspræna, syngur lækjarspræna.

Undir birkitré, undir birkitré,
allar heimsins þrautir og þrár verða smáar eins og ég.
Undir grænu birkitré, birkitré.

Engin tár og engar lífsins sorgir,
bærist laufið græna, bærist laufið græna.
Aðeins gola og gullnar skýjaborgir,
syngur lækjarspræna, syngur lækjarspræna.

English Translation
Alone I sit and ponder the world
as the green leaf flutters
Here I can dwell for long hours
as the gentle spring sings.

Under a birch tree, under a birch tree
all of life's troubles and desires become small just like me.
Under a green birch tree, a birch tree.

No tears and none of life's sorrows,
as the green leaf flutters.
Only the breeze and golden cities in the clouds
as the gentle spring sings.