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Girl From Vancouver

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Girl from Vancouver

I’m in love with a girl from Vancouver
Maybe I’ll move there, maybe I’ll move there.
She’s so sweet, she’s got my heart in a hoover,
Girl from Vancouver, girl from Vancouver.


She’s got a smile like an upside down rainbow
Where did my brain go? Where did my brain go?
How she does it, it’s so hard to explain though…
Smiles like a rainbow, smiles like a rainbow.


She’s so sweet, like candy from a stranger.
Like a poisonous fruit, so pretty and red
She’s got eyes that radiate the danger.
I’d like to lay her on my lonely bed.

I lie back and I think of Vancouver
Someday I’ll move there, someday I’ll move there.
Think of her as she’s shaking that smooth hair,
Girl from Vancouver, Girl from Vancouver,
Maybe I'll move there, move to Vancouver.
Shaking that smooth hair.
Lady Dracula.